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Complete house air filtration7 viewsHigh Capacity complete house filtration.
Negative Air Equipment showing filtration particulates11 viewsClearly visible results when you see the amount of dust, dirt and debris which is going into the hepa filters from this job. That is what customers would be breathing if not for this treatment.
Negative Air Machines also sometimes called Air Scrubbers11 viewsNegative Air Machines are designed to filter air in numerous job sites including National Disasters, Construction, Mold Remediation, Painting, Grinding & Welding. They can also be used to set Negative or Positive Pressure Isolation rooms, useful for containing airborne contaminants such as: Dirt, Dust, Drywall Dust, Sawdust, Metal Fumes, Smoke, Molds, Fungi and other Hazardous Materials.
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